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Being located in The Three Valleys, the largest connected ski area in Europe, Meribel has the luxury of a vast number of different pistes to choose from. As a beginner, this is great for practicing and perfecting your skills with a number of infamous slopes and areas to explore.


To be exact, the Meribel-Mottaret area offers multiple nursery slopes areas, 8 green slopes and 25 blue slopes making it the ideal resort to learn to ski or snowboard.

For those who aren’t clear on exactly what this means, each piste is rated by difficultly using a colour. We’ve outlined these below for you, so you’ll know where and where not to go as you build your confidence:

Green: Easy

Blue: Moderate

Red: Intermediate

Black: Difficult

First things first, even if you’re going to be accompanied on your trip by some seasoned veterans, we always when recommend that when skiing for the first time, you book some lessons. Time spent in a lesson with a professional instructor is invaluable and without a doubt the best way to get yourself moving and nailing the basic technique.

There is a huge range of Ski Schools to choose from here in Meribel, you can check out our Ski Schools page for more information and recommendations.

Parallel Lines Ski School

For at least your first day, you will be coming to grips with things on the nursey slope which is designed solely for beginners. Nursery slopes have a very slight gradient meaning that you are able to take it easy and that you won’t be going too fast at any point. The Meribel-Mottaret area has two beginner areas, both with free lifts. You will find Meribel’s beginner only area, the Ski Cool Zone, located in the Altiport area. This route now begins at the top of the Sailure Express 1 on the green run, Blanchot. From here you can either follow the route down to the Altiport, one of Meribels most popular beginner hot spots or alternatively continue on to Meribel Centre via the Foret.

Alternatively, you can visit Mottaret’s two Zen Zones which are also designated to beginners only. The Mottaret area underwent significant investment in 2016 and now also offers a complete beginner only nursery slope with its own free magic carpet and drag lift. Once you’re feeling a little more confident, you can also travel on the Combes chairlift to the newly designed green run, Little Himalaya.

You will also discover that some of the local Ski Schools also have their own private beginner areas. Again, designed solely for the purpose of you practicing your turns and building your confidence in a quieter and more private area.

We won’t lie to you, you will fall over! But that’s fine and honestly, spectating as your family and friends fall down really is all part of the fun. The snow is soft and you won’t be going quickly enough to hurt yourself so don’t be afraid! Just pick yourself up and carry on. Falling over really is part and parcel of skiing, no matter what level you’re at.

Your instructor will guide you on your lessons, taking you on pistes appropriate for your ability. They can also provide recommendations of additional areas to visit outside of your lessons.

When skiing outside of your lessons, it’s really important to be aware of your surroundings and plan your route to ensure you don’t become unstuck.

It’s really important to bear in mind, that piste classifications can change between different resorts and the colour coding of piste maps can sometimes vary. Having a Meribel piste map is very important so you know exactly what to expect.

Remember, off-piste areas on the ski map are:

  • Not groomed
  • For experienced skiers only
  • Not patrolled
  • Usually marked by a yellow or neon orange sign (marked with a dashed line on the piste map)

Off-piste skiing can be difficult and unpredictable, so we would strong advise against attempting it until an instructor feels you’re ready to do so. This is likely to be after a number of skiing trips, once you have built both confidence and experience.

For more information on Meribel and the Three Valley’s piste maps and to download them ahead of your trip, head over to our guide. However, if you’re coming to stay with us at Flexi Chalets, we provide all guests with an official Meribel and Three Valleys piste map so that you are well-equipped and ready to start your dream ski holiday so no need to worry about it bring out to resort with you!

Meribel Piste Map

In addition to the few slopes and areas we have discussed, you will see from the piste map that there truly is an abundance of skiing throughout Meribel and its neighbouring areas within the Three Valleys, perfect for you to explore and enjoy as a beginner. Not only this, but a huge range of more challenging slopes to take on once you have developed your technique. This makes it the perfect location for a group with mixed ability, with slopes for every standard.

We hope that with the help of this blog and your free Meribel and Three Valleys piste map provided on arrival at your Flexi Chalets chalet, that you will have fun filled days on the mountain during your stay.

To book your stay now, you can head over to our chalets page to find the chalet best for you. If you have any further questions on our chalets or skiing in Meribel, please do not hesitate to get in contact!