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Meribel Piste Maps & Apps

To make the most of the fantastic range of pistes we thought you might want to get to grips with the maps and apps available in advance that will enhance your time and experience.

Downloadable Meribel Piste Maps

We have provided the two below so you can study the skiing available before you leave home, our Chalet Managers will also provide maps on arrival for you to enjoy poring over to plan your days in the Trois Vallées.

View / Download Meribel piste map
View / Download Three Valleys piste map
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Three Valleys Piste Map

How to navigate Meribel Pistes

With so much to choose from in the massive playground that is the Trois Vallées, the last thing you want is to waste time hovering by signs or searching for lifts potentially missing the runs you really wanted to do. A smooth enjoyable day comes from putting in the time to get to know the routes and planning your runs. Flexi Chalets piste maps detail each route for reaching Mont de la Challe, Tougnette, Roc de Fer, 3 Marches, Saulire, Col de la Loze, Aiguille du Fruit and all the slopes in between.

Snow Reports

Conditions are changeable and the status of a piste can be different from day to day or week to week so it’s always recommended to keep a keen eye on the snowfall reports and snow conditions. Crucially this information will help you understand the mountains, how the snow will behave under the sun, clouds or wind so you know you will get the best from your time out on the slopes every day.

The Meribel facts and figures


of pistes accessible on skis


downhill skiing pistes


hectares of maintained pistes


total difference in height


ski lifts


snow cannons


hectares of nature


(or 10,500 hectares) of skiable area

Ski Tracking Apps

These days most people will ski with their phones in their pockets, apart from helping you catch up with others on the slopes and the all important photo opportunities there are some awesome apps that help you track your activity. From maps, performance to safety, they can enhance your experience. Comparing notes over a few beers at the end of the day can be great fun too (depending how competitive your crew are!).

There are constantly new apps coming on the market offering different features and benefits. Here are just a couple of our tried and tested favourites:

Trace App Icon

Trace Snow

Track your distance, routes, speed and elevation as well as the hours you’ve put in on the slopes. This app also gives you the bonus of calculating airtime and verticals! For the efficiency seekers you can see time clocked on chair lifts and those wanting to know how much raclette they can get away with at the end of the day, you can even get the number of calories you have burned.

If you’re regulars to the mountains, the app is also connected online so that you can keep track of your progress throughout the week, the season and each time you return.

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Ski Tracks Logo

Ski Tracks

A GPS tracker system for both iOS and Android, this app will record and measure all your ski data from your altitude, the speed you flew down the mountain and your total distance covered by the end of the day. It has the added benefit It runs in the background so you won’t have to worry about going powerless when you might need it the most. It will keep each run separate so that you can compare and contrast too.

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